Hello, and Welcome!

By March 13, 2017News

Greetings to each and every one of you on this lovely Tuesday! Today we are excited in welcoming you in joining us on a new endeavor of ours-the official launch of our Muyingo Events Blog! Here, we will be providing for you entertaining  insights into the glamorous (or perhaps not so glamorous) life of an event professional, advice on how to execute the perfect event, updates on events that are going on around you, and much more. We will be having various categories on different days of the week ranging from art and fashion to community news. We will feature content such as up and coming artists in exclusive interviews, or advice from some of LA’s top chefs.

Muyingo Events, founded by event production expert and former Vice President of Venice Art Crawl, Nicole Muyingo, focuses on the ideology that life is one big event. It is about building quality relationships, gaining new experiences, and having fun along the way. With this in mind, Muyingo strives to create an atmosphere of organic and genuine interactions which take us back to the grassroots of what events are truly all about.

We look forward to having you join us in this new chapter of ours- As with life, now sit back and enjoy the ride.